The Community Alliance Party views anti-social and addictive behaviours (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and others) as devaluing the community as a whole, even though much of it is kept 'out of sight'.

There are no simple, quick-fix solutions, but the entire community has a duty to help minimise the harm to those with anti-social behaviour and addiction problems and those around them. The Alliance will work with communities, health professionals, social workers, governments, non-governmental organisations, addicts and their families, and victims to develop innovative approaches to this difficult issue.


The Alliance recognises the link between mental illness and substance abuse.
The Alliance supports an increase in the number of field staff to support the mentally ill and addicts of all ages.
The Alliance will ensure that families of addicts are offered the support and respite they need.
The Alliance will ensure that victims of anti-social behaviour receive practical assistance.
The Alliance believes that the ACT Government should research, monitor and manage problem gambling and its impacts on the community. The Alliance does not support an increase in the number or size of gambling facilities in the ACT, including the introduction of new poker machines at the casino.

Early intervention and education

The Alliance supports increased funding for promoting responsible behaviours and awareness campaigns for mental illness, substance abuse and addictions.
The Alliance supports an approach based on early intervention, particularly in relation to harmful behaviours and mental health issues.
The Alliance believes the number of professional counsellors must be increased so that they can be placed in all secondary schools and available to students whenever the school is open. Counsellors' hours in primary schools will also be increased to allow more contact time with younger students in need of assistance.


The Alliance supports restrictions on the promotion of anti-social behaviours and on the advertising, sale and promotion of addictive substances.
The Alliance supports raising taxes on addictive substances to help pay for the rising health costs associated with addictions.
The Alliance supports strict enforcement of current smoking bans and their progressive extension to improve public health.
The Alliance supports strict enforcement of existing licensing laws and the trial of more restrictive trading hours for licensed clubs and bars where strongly supported by the local community.


The Alliance supports a more stringent and consistent punishment process for serious anti-social behaviour. This applies in particular to those who deal in and supply drugs.
The Alliance supports efforts to remove 'being under the influence' as an excuse for anti-social behaviour.


The Alliance will insist on increased funding of rehabilitation services for all forms of addiction.
The Alliance supports rehabilitation for all convicted offenders and mandatory detoxification for all those with addictions.