The Community Alliance Party places a high value on arts and culture in building and maintaining a vibrant community.

In many ways, we benefit from being residents of the national capital. The ACT hosts many national artistic and cultural institutions, but this privileged position cannot be taken for granted. The Alliance will be vigilant in protecting these national assets for the enjoyment of ACT residents and visitors.

The arts can provide intrinsic social benefits, and as such artistic opportunities should be extended to all: including the elderly, people with disabilities, the economically disadvantaged, the Indigenous and multicultural communities. The Alliance will work with artists, groups, communities, and government agencies to foster artistic excellence and help to extend community engagement with the arts.


The Alliance supports affordable and accessible practice, rehearsal, display, and performance spaces at district and neighbourhood venues such as community halls, schools and other publicly owned places.
The Alliance will investigate the feasibility of constructing a new versatile international performance venue capable of seating 2000–3000 people.
The Alliance supports an increase in venues for craft guilds, while continuing support for Gorman House.
The Alliance will provide accessible public libraries and arts spaces in every district, and will incorporate such facilities in new developments where none exist. As a matter of priority, the Alliance proposes the development of a new arts precinct for Woden Town Centre and a new community centre incorporating a library and creative facilities for Weston Creek.
Floriade is a much loved Canberra institution that attracts visitors from across Australia. The Alliance does not support its relocation, but if it is forced to vacate Commonwealth Park by the Federal Government, then it should consider Tuggeranong as the best alternative venue.

Promotion and education

The Alliance supports improved promotion of cultural events in the ACT to residents and potential visitors.
The Alliance supports a review of the school curriculum to emphasise the high educational merit of studying any aspect of the arts.
The Alliance will explore the development of an 'artist-in-residence' program at schools, to make arts education more exciting and rewarding for children.
The Alliance supports the extension of artistic opportunities to people with disabilities.
The Alliance supports the development of a regional arts strategy designed to encourage cooperative relations with cultural communities in neighbouring NSW.


The Alliance supports continued ACT Government funding for the many and varied cultural festivals that enrich the lives of ACT residents.
The Alliance supports continued ACT Government funding for the many and varied community based artistic and cultural groups that enhance the lives of ACT residents.
The Alliance supports international exchange programs and sister city relationships that promote cultural exchanges between ACT residents and overseas communities.
The Alliance believes that the Arts ACT budget should focus on helping new things get established, rather than providing long-term funding to commercially viable artistic enterprises.
The Alliance supports more design competitions for publicly funded buildings to attract top architects so that our physical public space is both beautiful and functional.
The Alliance supports greater transparency and accountability in the management of the ACT Government's arts facilities.
The Alliance believes that public art requires public consultation in both the selection of works and their location. Wherever possible, artists with links to the ACT should be encouraged to apply for the commissions.