The Community Alliance Party believes that Canberra's role and function as the national capital is fundamental to the success and future of the ACT and to the planning that underpins it.

Canberra is still a beautiful city. In recent years, however, it seems that the planners have abandoned the original vision for Canberra and eroded its functionality and aesthetics. The Alliance will work with the community, planners, the Commonwealth Government and others to restore an appropriate long-term vision to ACT planning.

A vision for the ACT

In collaboration with the wider community, the Alliance will develop a vision for the ACT that recognises its role as the national capital and as a functional and pleasant home to its 400,000 residents.


The Alliance will genuinely consult with communities and others to develop a long-term strategic plan for Canberra based on the appropriate vision. This will include economic, social and environmental objectives.
The Alliance will work with the relevant community councils and ACT Chamber of Commerce to develop coherent master plans for the ongoing development of Civic and the other town centres so that they are well-planned, well-maintained and as safe and attractive as possible.
The neighbourhood basis for planning will be supported across the entire ACT.
The Alliance will revive local planning and advisory committees to broaden community input into the direction of ACT urban planning and development.
Ecologically sensitive areas will be valued and protected; public lands, including lake foreshores, will remain publicly accessible.


Proposed future development of the ACT will be assessed on its economic and environmental sustainability and the extent to which it builds community cohesion. These factors should take priority over maximising income from land sales.
The Alliance will amend the Planning and Development Act 2007 to ensure prompt public notification of all proposed developments, and genuine public consultation and rights of objection and appeal in relation to potentially adverse development applications.
The Alliance is opposed to any development in Central Molonglo.
The Alliance is opposed to the rezoning of 'horse agistments' for residential development.

Ministerial powers

The Alliance will amend the Planning and Development Act 2007 to restore ministerial accountability for planning and development. For example:
the Minister will be required to present all environmental impact statements to the Legislative Assembly for approval
exemptions for development applications from environmental impact statements will be subject to the Legislative Assembly and a reinstated planning and land council
Ministerial 'call-in powers' will be subject to a re-instated planning and land council, the Legislative Assembly and the Courts.

ACTPLA governance

The Alliance will work for better co-ordination and a cooperative relationship between the ACT Planning and Land Authority and the National Capital Authority.
The Alliance will seek to improve governance and accountability arrangements in the ACT Planning and Land Authority.
The Alliance will undertake a priority review of the role, function, powers, management and legislative basis of the ACT Land Development Agency ACTLDA) with a view to making it more publicly accountable, simplifying processes, enhancing transparency and reducing red tape.